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How does the experience of vapor compare to that of smoke?

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2012 01:00PM PDT

The most obvious differences are noticed in the first three minutes and more subtle effects can be noticed the next day. Much of what a smoker experiences in the first minutes are actually the side effects of smoke, rather than being due to any medicinal qualities. The experience is the result of a 'damage control' response by the body. Smokers who are not already used to vaporizers often cannot tell that anything is happening at all -- until about 3 minutes later! Vapor is generally described as being stronger, lighter, clearer, more thoughtful, longer lasting, and more energetic. You are much less likely to get some of the common physical aspects with a vaporizer. People generally feel better, clearer and cleaner the next day after vaporizing -- without the 'fuzzyness' that might be experienced the day after a smoking session.

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