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What temp is the screen? How do you control the temperature?

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2012 01:08PM PDT

The Box is usually calibrated to be at 380 Fahrenheit four seconds after the moment the Box is started, assuming a fairly slow constant draw rate and average environmental conditions.

The temperature in the device is controlled by the draw rate (ie, breath control). Like with the wind, faster tends to mean cooler. To get higher temperatures in the load, you need to draw very slowly. By drawing directly from the Box (ie, using the Box in the 'native' mode), you will also be able to sense the temperature of the vapor stream as well as the taste (this is the recommended practice). Also, the battery is left in only for the duration of the draw, (or if taking multiple draws in quick succession, for as long as the load lasts). The Box user MUST remember to retract or remove the battery when you are finished taking a draw, otherwise the load will get too hot.

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