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Can the Launch Box vaporizer be used in groups?

Last Updated: Sep 11, 2012 02:49PM PDT

Yes, especially if you have a few extra charged batteries or a Magic-Flight Desktop Power Adapter.

If you are passing the Box, ensure that under no circumstances will the battery ever be in the Box when no one is drawing on it for more than about 3 seconds. This requires the Box owner to ensure that each person in a group applies and withdraws the battery individually BEFORE letting them pass the Box around hot. The Box truly is ultra fast -- this needs to be accounted for in group usage.

A good approach is to 1) show a new user in the group how to put the battery in, 2) then hand the Box over without complete battery insertion and then 3) explain that a long slow draw is required. Let the new user start the Box themselves and take their 1st draw. Immediately when they are done with their draw, take the Box back from them and withdraw the battery, showing them that it is necessary to do so. Then the Box can be passed around, ensuring that each person knows to insert and withdraw the battery individually (as if the battery were being used as a lighter) as the Box goes around.

This technique avoids the common problem of passing the Box to a new user while it is 'on' and then explaining how to use it—while the Box is overheating the herb. This can result in a first draw that is needlessly too hot and harsh.

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