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I can get a harder buzz from my Box than from my other vaporizers, why?

Last Updated: Sep 11, 2012 03:04PM PDT

The basic reason has to do with optimized overall airflow and vapor path, as well as near perfect user interface characteristics. The design of the Box has a number of subtle physical and psychological characteristics to ensure maximum actual vapor delivery. The real efficiency of a vaporizer device is not defined by how well it can make vapor in theory, it is measured in terms of how much of that actual vapor it makes biologically available. Temperature, although an important aspect, is not the only criterion of quality.

Our research indicates that other vaporizer companies have focused all of their design effort on the heating system. After that has been accomplished, they seem to put little effort into calculating the motion and migration of that vapor once it leaves the heating chamber. Probably this is because it is hard (very, very hard!) to calculate and predict airflow patterns to begin with, especially in small spaces with wide temperature differentials, and determining metrics of condensation is, if anything, even more so. Furthermore, for true optimal bio-availability, it is necessary that the design engineer have a realistic understanding and accounting for the human physiology of how the vapor progresses through the mouth, travels through the oropharynx, nasopharynx, the larynx, the trachea, and the progressively subdividing system of bronchi and bronchioles until it finally reaches the alveoli where the adsorption of active ingredients takes place.

Given the (extreme) level of technicality involved in all of this, and the fact that it generally requires a combined understanding of graduate level physics, physiology, and psychology, it is not so surprising that these higher and more exotic/abstract levels of optimization have been heretofore omitted—let alone have any presence in the popular awareness (hence the apparent reasonableness of the question). Fortunately, our lead designer does happen to have this level of knowledge, and since we are all true geeks, we tend to go for this sort of thing. We have found that when implemented, such optimizations do make a difference, as user experience is able to attest. We figure that the overall magnitude of these second, third, and forth order effects is about 30%. The effort involved to get that additional yield, however, is at least 30X over that of the heating system design, and tends to require someone who has taken about 20 or so years of advanced schooling.

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