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Does the Box give off an odor in use?

Last Updated: Sep 11, 2012 03:06PM PDT

While most vaporizers will have significantly less smell than smoking, we believe (but have not yet confirmed) that this vaporizer produces the lowest level of secondary smell of any vape currently on the market. Mostly, this is a direct consequence of the design aspects of the Launch Box. The Box has a small short channel system, and therefore, has very few parts in contact with the vapor—fewer parts to re-radiate smell. The Box uses minimum energy (no preheating) and minimum exchange air volume, so that there is no smell associated with the aromatic components coming off while waiting for the unit to start up (there is no waiting with the Box).

Often, the only evident smell occurs when loading the Box (of course, preloading before arrival is an option here). Also, if you exhale directly into someones face, it is likely that they will smell something. Usually however, anyone more than 3 feet away will not be able to smell anything at all. Your mileage may vary—all risks taken are exclusively your own—use responsibly.

Part of the reason is that, used as directed, the Box only produces vapor when you need it—there is never any vapor/odor directly vented to the room. Most vaporizers, once started, will also stay going until the load is completely spent (constant heating). Since the user can only take in vapor intermittently with the breath, that means that with most vaporizers there will always be occasions where the heated materials will be venting to the room—hence the smell. With the Box, the heating is itself intermittent and matches consumption. The user consumes and adsorbs the smell along with the medicine—hence no aroma is ever directly vented to the room.

The Box is designed to produce only as much vapor as the lungs are likely to adsorb, whereas most others vaporizers are designed to produce a significant excess of vapor (looks more impressive). This has the dual advantage of both being more efficient in delivery as well as being more discreet. As with viability of exhaled vapor being an indication that better performance/technique is possible, excess smell is also an indicator of potential improvements in the usage pattern. Unlikely as it may seem to some, it is possible to get full medicinal effects from the Box with nearly zero resulting additional smell in the room (i.e., any odor more than the baseline of what the unheated load would produce in an unused Box). The section Usage & Technique describes some effective and optimized user techniques that make all of the difference with the Box.

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