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What temperature is the Launch Box vaporizer designed to work at?

Last Updated: Sep 11, 2012 03:10PM PDT

The "science" of vaporization seems to indicate that the optimal temp for vaporization is a constant 380F (193C) so that is what we aim for in all of our designs. At manufacture, the Box is calibrated to be at 380F (193C) four seconds after the moment it is started, assuming a fairly slow constant draw rate and average environmental conditions. The temperature in the Box is far from constant, however. It changes continually depending on the rate of draw, over the range of about 260 on the low end to about (when drawing too fast) to about 450F (232C) when not drawing at all (and leaving it on for minutes at a time). Therefore, what we aim to do is to have the temp most easily stabilize at between 370F (188C) and 400F (204C) for a reasonable rate of draw.

The full range of temperatures, inclusive of all possible operating conditions, intended or accidental, available to the LB is anywhere from ambient to full combustion at 451F (233C). The typical operating temperature of the LB while in use tends to center at about 392F (200C)—this is the ideal. Accessible/common usage technique can easily allow for anything in the range of 329F (165C) to 410F (210C).

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