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Have you considered using other woods?

Last Updated: Sep 11, 2012 03:22PM PDT

We currently use maple because it offers excellent machining characteristics, while also being environmentally sustainable. In the past, all Launch Boxes were made using Birch hardwood because it had certain machining characteristics that were "just right" -- not too hard or too soft. In addition to its processing characteristics, we prefer certain woods due to their being more environmentally sustainable.

We do occasionally make sample units out of Cherry, Walnut, Zebrawood, Koa, and some other exotics. However, due to certain subtleties of the build process, working these other hardwoods can be problematic and more expensive. The considerations are:

  • 1 Is it available? (Sustainable production, safe to harvest and use, etc)
  • 2 Can Magic-Flight process it? (Does it dull tools, is it too hard)
  • 3 Are there restrictions on its use? (import limits, endangered, too smelly, too porous, etc).

Some of these custom units are available for purchase through the Online Store. Please contact them for information about cost and availability.

At some point, we do intend to offer more support custom woods and special request processing at an extra cost. Currently, plans for that level of support are on hold until we can get some of the basic infrastructure, supplies, etc, setup.

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