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Can the contact coil be safety bent or pushed to be a little tighter?

Last Updated: Sep 18, 2012 03:40PM PDT

It is possible—but very difficult—for someone to adjust the coil. Magic-Flight uses a press with a special fixture to make the adjustment, and generally suggests that users treat this as a warranty issue. We will be glad to recycle or re-adjust your existing units and/or send a replacement for a Launch Box that is otherwise unusable (ie making no contact, regardless of battery used).

If you would like to attempt to make the adjustment, most often the best method is to push the entire coil upwards from the bottom of the Launch Box towards the lid, with the lid open. Use a vise and a tool with a flat edge that can press with an even, gradually increasing pressure on the center of the bottom of the coil. The idea is to treat the entire coil as a unit, rather than to change the size or diameter of the coil itself. You must apply the adjustment force exactly perpendicular to the bottom of the Box at the center of the coil. If the coil moves at all forward or backward (rather than just up or down), the screen will be displaced and potentially damaged as the rod slides. Also, just the right level of force is necessary—too much and the coil will either become too small or be moved too far out of position—at which point, an opposite adjustment must be attempted. Above all else, please be careful—think about what you are doing before you do it.

If you have a Launch Box that is not working due to this issue, and you attempt to make the adjustment and further damage your MFLB, please contact our warranty department.

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