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What is pyronym's technique? Does it really deliver thick cloudy draws?

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2012 03:42PM PDT

Pyronym is a member of FC who posted a no-draw technique that gives thicker and cloudier vapor because it results in minimum airflow over the load. In his post, pyronym said, "I have now perfected my LaunchBox technique. I am now getting crazy thick draws like I get with my zap and my surfer." His method is:

  • 1 Grind up herb as fine as possible with grinder.
  • 2 Load trench so it is filled slightly higher than the top of the trench.
  • 3 Insert battery and exhale fully.
  • 4 Place your mouth on the box without the stem, being careful not to have your tongue or teeth in the vapor path.
  • 5 Breathe in through your nose slowly as though you are taking a normal breath.
  • 6 Inhale until your lungs feel full or you start choking on the vapor.
  • 7 Hold breath.
  • 8 Optional: Breathe vapor out through your nose.

He added, "After my first 2 draws are cleared I remove the herb from the trench and grind it between my finger tips almost to a powder consistency."

This technique works because when you draw air into your lungs through your nose with your mouth open, a slight vacuum effect results in enough airflow to draw the vapor from the LB and mix with the air flowing into the lungs. This is the slowest possible draw, so the load gets heated to high temperatures, and this is why you get a thick draw.

Successful variations to consider, as reported by other FC members:
  • Less load in the trench.
  • Use the stem.
  • Inhale to 80% lung capacity, finish with clean air to draw the vapor deeper into the lungs.

  • The draws are thicker because the load is heating with almost no airflow. In particular, a fully charged battery can heat the load to scorching and even combustion if the draw takes too long.
  • Until you gain experience, it can be difficult to judge how much vapor you've received. It is better to start with short draws and increase the length as you become familiar with the technique.

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