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How should I clean my Box and parts?

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2012 04:01PM PDT

The Box shouldn't require much maintenance or cleaning if you brush it out after each load. This technique has been proven to work well:

  • 1 With the cover open, turn the Box over and dump whatever residue is left after your last vaping session (the 'ABV').
  • 2 Make sure the screen is cool, then brush gently.
  • 3 Blow against the screen to remove any remaining dust.

Remember to do this after every load.

It is okay to use isopropyl alcohol to clean the draw tube accessory, as long as you do not leave it in the alcohol for too long (minutes are fine; hours are not good). One good method is to use a regular pipe cleaner soaked in ISO to clean the acrylic draw tube, and then allow it to dry.

It's also okay to wipe down the outside of the Box with a soft cloth and a gentle cleaner (perhaps a drop of dishwashing liquid) but remember how you use it. If you do use a soap make sure you don't get it inside the heating chamber, and of course don't leave residue on the areas that you put in your mouth.

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